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Full Spectrum Solutions "Minimalist Mat" Warranty: We offer a limited manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year from date of manufacture, which includes repair/replacement against sewing flaws or material defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered under our manufacturer's warranty.

                                                                         The Full Spectrum Solutions Shooting Mat GEN II

                                                                                         "The Minimalist Mat"

Compact, light-weight and modular shooting mat for any shooter. The Minimalist Mat is ideal for any type of shooting that requires multiple shooting positions and was designed and developed from the ground up with multiple years of real world operations and training in mind. It is very unique in the fact that it is extremely light weight, compact, versatile and allows the shooter to pack the shooting mat anywhere he/she goes by utilizing the Molle attachment system.

The Minimalist mat can be utilized in stand-alone mode or can be used while attached to the pack to provide a reliable shooting platform for long range marksmanship when bipod legs or other means are not available

The shooting mat along with the adjustable bipod loop system is detachable from the pouch itself. This allows the user to detach the shooting mat from the pouch without having to hassel with Molle

The pouch itself can also be utilized as a Multi-Purpose pouch when and if the shooting mat is not going to be utilized. Simply detach the shooting mat and leave the pouch attached to your pack

Very durable, constructed from 330 denier nylon with closed cell foam to protect the shooter while operating on hard/rough surfaces and is water “resistant”

Light-weight: Less than 2 lbs

Clear, water resistant “data on previous engagement” (DOPE) card holders that affix to the mat via Velcro. This allows the shooter to maintain their data in high wind environments or take them off and carry them in a pocket or on/in kit

Adjustable Bipod loops are sewn into the mat to provide the shooter with the ability to “load” the bipod legs and practice proper marksmanship fundamentals without the gun sliding or slipping. The adjustable bipod loops allow the shooter to adjust the overall length to accommodate multiple different rifle platforms and are also removable via side release buckle if not in use or needed

Rear grommets to secure the shooting mat when operating in high wind environments

The Minimalist Shooting Mat is 100% Made in USA and is compliant with the Berry Amendment and the Buy American Act